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Introduction of PDC Cutters

Daoya PDC cutters are made of diamond micropowder and cemented carbide substrate sintered under ultra-high pressure and high temperature. It has high hardness, high wear resistance and thermal conductivity of diamond, and has the strength and impact toughness of cemented carbide. Ideal for tools, drill bits and other wear resistant tools.

Advantages of PDC Cutters:

1. Only for oil exploration applications;

2. Customized production according to customer’s drawings and uses;

3. 4,800 square meters of factory, large-scale production;

4. High-end testing equipment to ensure product stability and quality;

5. Provide samples and responsible after-sales service.

Application of Customized PDC Cutters:

The pdc cutters have good wear resistance, self-sharpening properties and impact resistance because of the unique production and inspection process, and are widely applied to oil and natural gas drilling development and geological drilling.

The products are proved to be very effective by feedback from many domestic and foreign customers.

PDC Industry is one of the diamond tools manufacturers, our main products include diamond tools, pdc cutters, industrial diamonds, polishing pads, etc.

PDC industry was established in 1980 specialising in industrial diamonds for industrial applications primarily supplying diamond tool manufacturers